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Tian Men Shan Temple  

  Tian Men Shan Temple ,first built during the Ming Dynasty, is the Buddhist centre of the Xiang Xi Area. Since the temple was built, a lot of believers have come to prey, it is therefore quite a sacred place. The old temple lies from north to south ;the top of the gate has the words "Tian Men Xian Shan", which in Chinese means gateway to Heaven and Mountains where God lives. At both sides of the gate there is a couplet that reads "Tian Wai You Tian Tian Bu Ye,Shan Shang Wu Shan Shan Du Zun", which means "out of the heaven there is another heaven, thus there is never a night time, there is no mountain on the mountain, so this mountain is the only mountain". The temple has three parts and a further two palaces; the furthest away palace is the Kwan-yin palace. outside of the temple, old trees stick there branches into the sky and not far from here it is the famous seven-floor pagoda. Since the dawning of the Republic of China, the old Tian Men Shan temple has gradually been on the wane, where all that is left are a few remains. the new Tian Men Temple has been built to resemble the old temple's appearance .It spans more than ten thousand square meters and uses the Qing's(last kingdom of China) architectural features. The new temple is made up of'Shan Me',  'Zhong Gu Lou','Tian Wang Dian','Da Xiong Bao Dian','Kwan Yin Ge','Cang Jin Ge',and 'Fa Tang',among which the'Kwan Yin Ge'has the most special of designs. The structure is very ornate and uses a two bright and three dark theme for its lighting arrangement, it could stand shoulder to shoulder with the other famous old buildings currently standing in China. The temple is situated in the gully of a hill, with very good views in front of you, especially to the southeast. strikingly all the mountains appear smaller under your eyes, quite obviously a testament to Tian Men Mountain's great vehemence.

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